I met him on the worst day of my life.

After ditching my own wedding and hopping on a flight to Rome, all I wanted was to forget about the burdens that had been placed on my shoulders since birth.

I never expected to meet him.

Dante Luciano.

Mysterious. Rugged. Alluring.
And possessing an Italian accent so toe-curling it should be illegal.

He's everything my cheating ex-fiancé isn't.
Which is precisely why I make a proposition I never would have in my former life.

It was just supposed to be a vacation fling.
It wasn't supposed to make me question everything I thought to be true.

Maybe I should have dug deeper into who he is.
Maybe I should have asked more questions.
Maybe I should have realized the truth that was staring at me through his familiar eyes.

They say you can never escape your past.
They were right...

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