A woman running from a dangerous past.
A man haunted by shadows of his own.
Can he bring her back from the darkness?

Sex slave. Property. Disposable.

Jolene has spent the past decade of her life being paraded in front of men and sold to the highest bidder on a nightly basis, wondering when it would all end... Until she risks it all and escapes, leaving her past and Chicago behind.

Scared of being discovered, she hides away, trying to distance herself from everyone... Everyone except a blue-eyed surfer who seems to know the secret she's hiding.

When her past closes in on her, will the truth of who she is surface in time to save her from the shadows threatening her freedom? Or will she be sentenced to live a life of darkness?

Signed Paperback of Heart Of Light (Original Cover)

$18.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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