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“Whether its a gritty raw romance, angst-riddled love, or a bit of a mystery wrapped in romance, T.K. Leigh can write them all beautifully.”

~ Bibliophile Chloe

During a business trip to Hawaii, Julia meets gorgeous Australian Lachlan on the beach — and even though he’s much younger, they can’t deny their burning attraction.

But neither of them expected it to become so dangerous…

"A fantastic, steamy ride into the hidden desires of a forty-something, successful woman and a grieving younger man."

~ Joy Avery Loves Books

“Fantastic, and flawlessly written, this reverse age gap mystery romance was a real page turner.”

~ Devilishly Dirty Book Blog

“You guys do not want to miss this book. But it might just make your kindle melt in your hands.”

~ Stephanie's Book Reports


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"Insta-attraction meets slow burn. A beautifully, enchanting story that’s the perfect combination of humor and serious. It’s sexy. Thrilling. Intoxicating…."


A fresh take on Cinderella!

Dumped on her 30th birthday, Evie enters into an agreement with billionaire bachelor Julian: She’ll pose as his girlfriend for the summer and he’ll help her win back her ex. But while she has rules for their pretend relationship, they might not go according to plan…

“Whether it's a gritty raw romance, angst riddled love or a bit of a mystery wrapped in romance. T.K. Leigh can write them all beautifully.”

~ Bibliophile Chloe

~ BookBub Reviewer

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He told me he was dangerous...

But I refused to listen.

After running away to Rome to escape her wedding, Ellie connects with alluring stranger Dante — and kindles a flaming passion. But when her past catches up with her, a web of secrets and lies start to unravel… 

"T.K. Leigh brings the heat, and it is delicious."

~ USA Today Bestselling Author Tia Louise

"I didn’t feel as if I was reading the story.
I felt as if I was living it."

~ Sassy Southern Book Blog

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Coming Soon

Every decision has always been made for me. What to say. How to dress. And now, who I’m to marry. When you’re second in line to the throne, it’s just how things are. All my life, I’ve simply gone along with it.


Until now.


I may not have a say in who I marry, but I refuse to let someone dictate who I give my v-card to. So I offer it to the only man I trust not to go to the paparazzi.


Creed Lawson.

Body of an Adonis.

Strength of a warrior.

And my brother’s best friend.

A New Dark Romance Coming in 2023

The first time I saw him was during my morning run. Later that day, I received the first gift.


The second time I saw him was at the coffee shop. Later that day, I received the second gift.


And the third time I saw him was after leaving the gym. Later that day, I was nearly abducted by a masked man and killed.


I would have been if he hadn’t intervened.


He claims he’s no hero. That he didn’t come to my aid because of some altruistic desire to help.

Instead, he did so because he wants something in return…


He wants me.


And what Gideon Saint wants, Gideon Saint gets.