A handsome Australian surfer.

An attraction she can’t ignore.

Business has never been so pleasurable.

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It was supposed to be a typical business trip to Hawaii.

During the day, I’d put the final touches on the new location of my bakery. At night, I’d relax on the lanai while sipping a glass of wine.

But that all changed when I met Lachlan.

Sexy. Intriguing. Haunted.

And easily fifteen years younger than me.

I should walk away. The last thing I need after turning forty is a mid-life crisis in the form of an Australian Adonis.

But something keeps drawing me back to him. 

So I make a proposition.

One week. No last names. No expectations.

It was the perfect plan…

Until it wasn’t.

They say temptation can be dangerous.

I didn’t realize it could be so deadly.