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Each book in this series can be enjoyed separately as each stands on their own. However, it is recommended you read them in the following order:


Dating Games

A fresh take on Cinderella! Dumped on her 30th birthday, Evie enters into an agreement with billionaire bachelor Julian: She’ll pose as his girlfriend for the summer and he’ll help her win back her ex. But while she has rules for their pretend relationship, they might not go according to plan…


Wicked Games


During a blackout in Vegas, commitment-phobe Chloe and serious, professional Lincoln spend one unforgettable night together. When Chloe learns the truth of precisely who Lincoln is, will she be able to walk away? A red-hot forbidden, opposites attract romance.


Mind Games

Your ex-fiancé's older brother is supposed to be off limits - but when Isabella runs into up-and-coming musician Asher while in Vegas, she finds it hard to resist him. A scintillating forbidden, second chance romance.


Dangerous Games

Isabella hoped to never see her ex fiancé's rockstar older brother again. Not after she made the mistake of sleeping with him during a blackout in Vegas a year ago. But when her ex-fiancé Jesse comes to her with a proposition, will she be able to resist Asher's pull? An angsty rockstar romance.


Royal Games

After her divorce is finalized, Nora sets out on a Route 66 road trip across the country. When her car breaks down and sexy stranger Anderson offers her a ride, she finds him hard to resist... Until she learns the secret he's keeping. A gripping royal, road trip romance.


Tangled Games

After a whirlwind romance, Nora moves her world to be with Crown Prince Gabriel of the Nation of Belmont. But what she thought would be a fairy-tale ending is anything but. 

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