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The Temptation Series

On her fortieth birthday, pastry chef Julia Prescott vows to start putting herself first. And the mysterious Australian surfer who hasn't even turned thirty yet seems like the perfect person to help her do that.  Until she learns the true identity of her Hawaiian fling...

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The Inferno Series

A sexy, emotional age gap romance.

On a flight, Ellie connects with alluring stranger Dante — and kindles a flaming passion. But when her past catches up with her, a web of secrets and lies start to unravel… 


Dating Games

A fresh take on Cinderella! Dumped on her 30th birthday, Evie enters into an agreement with billionaire bachelor Julian: She’ll pose as his girlfriend for the summer and he’ll help her win back her ex. But while she has rules for their pretend relationship, they might not go according to plan…


The Other Side of Someday

After divorcing her cheating husband, Baylee moves across the country to start over in California. As she settles in with new friends and a budding romance, can she finally find the happiness she’s been searching for?

Wicked Games

During a blackout in Vegas, commitment-phobe Chloe and serious, professional Lincoln spend one unforgettable night together. When Chloe learns the truth of precisely who Lincoln is, will she be able to walk away? A red-hot forbidden, opposites attract romance.


The Redemption Duet

An angst filled second chance romance. 

Brooklyn's always had feelings for her best friend's brother Drew, although they've always gone mostly unrequited. Until she announces her engagement to another man...


The Beautiful Mess Trilogy

Haunted by her past, Olivia has trouble getting close to anyone. Unexpected passion blooms with successful business owner and former Navy SEAL Alexander... Until a shocking secret comes to light.


Heart of Light

A standalone spinoff of the Beautiful Mess Trilogy. Jolene Bergio spent years as the captive of a man who made every moment a nightmare. When Dr. Cameron Bowen offers her a lifeline, will she have the courage to take it? 

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