Asher York.

Talented musician.

The voice of an angel.

The body of an Adonis.

And the man I happened to have a one-night stand with in Vegas.


No big deal, right? What happens in Vegas… Well, you know how the saying goes.


Did I mention I was once engaged to Asher’s brother?


I walked away, hoping my momentary lack of judgment would stay in the past.


I should have known it wouldn’t. Not with my luck.


Now Asher York is back in my life, and that flame I hoped would flicker and die still burns brightly.


But can I put my heart on the line, knowing this man has the power to obliterate it?

Can I allow myself to come between two brothers?


There’s only one way to find out.


Let the games begin…


Dangerous Games is a standalone forbidden relationship, second chance romance, with a rockstar twist. Grab your copy today.


The Dating Games Series Recommended Reading Order

Each book in this series can be enjoyed separately as each stands on their own. However, it is recommended you read them in the following order:


1. Dating Games

2. Wicked Games

2.5. Mind Games

3. Dangerous Games
4. Royal Games 

5. Tangled Games (Coming Spring 2021)

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