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Broken Crown Trilogy Bonus Scene

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I hope you enjoy this bonus scene with Creed and Esme. For reference, this deleted scene occurs the morning after Esme surprises Creed in The Hamptons. Fair warning. It's definitely NSFW so read at your own risk.


The early morning light seeps in through the curtains, stirring me from a peaceful night of sleep. Or as peaceful as was possible with the number of times Esme and I had sex over the past few hours.

Now that we’re in The Hamptons and free from prying eyes for the next few days, we took it upon ourselves to make up for lost time.

And we certainly did that all afternoon. And evening. And night. Until we were both too exhausted, our bodies spent, but in the best way possible.

I draw in a deep breath, inhaling Esme’s delicious scent as I bury my head in the crook of her neck, relishing in the ability to wake up beside her. It’s one of those things most couples take for granted. Not me. I’ll never take a single second I spend with her for granted.

“So you are real,” Esme’s lazy voice cuts through my thoughts.

I pull her closer, brushing my thumb along her hipbone. “What makes you think I’m not?”

“The way my luck’s been lately…,” she begins, rolling onto her back and threading her fingers through my hair. “A part of me worried I dreamt the entire thing. Worried I’d wake up in Belmont to learn I imagined surprising you as your retirement present.”

I curve toward her, my mouth skimming hers. “Does this feel like simply the product of your imagination?” I press my lips to hers, coaxing them to part, our tongues colliding together in a dance they’ve done hundreds of times. 

Yet, every kiss still feels new and exhilarating, as if it’s the first time all over again.

I pull back and arch a single brow, waiting for her reply.

“I have dreamt of you kissing me before. Perhaps you should kiss me again so I can make a better determination.”


I slam my lips back to hers. But instead of being soft and tender, I’m more frantic and desperate as my tongue tangles with hers, hands roaming her body. When I pulse against her, my erection hitting the warmth between her legs, she moans, pulling out of the kiss as she throws her head back.

I move down her body, leaving rough kisses along her jawline, teeth nibbling on her delicious skin.

“How about this? Does this feel like a dream?”

I take one of her nipples in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the pert bud. Then I bare my teeth, gently biting.

The instant I do, she arches her back, her body writhing beneath me.

“Tell me, Esme,” I say, my hold on her nipple becoming harder. But she doesn’t ask me to stop. My girl likes a little pain with her pleasure.

And I love that about her.

“Still not sure,” she manages to say through her pants. “Still need more.”

A sly grin crawls across my lips as I clamp my teeth even harder on her nipple before releasing it to continue my exploration of her body, my tongue tracing a line from her chest to her belly button.

When I settle between her legs and push her thighs wide, running a finger down her slit, her breathing grows even more ragged.

“Now, if you were dreaming, would you be this wet?”

She closes her eyes, moving her hips with my motion. “If I was dreaming about you, I would be. Just thinking about you drives me crazy.”

“That may be so, but if this wasn’t real, would you feel this?” I bring my mouth to her center and blow, the mere scent of her making me desperate to bury my face between her legs and never come up for air. 

“Creed,” she moans, squirming on the bed.

“Tell me, Esme. Would you feel that if this wasn’t real?”

She runs her fingers through my hair, our eyes locking. “I might. You’re going to have to try harder to convince me you’re real.”

“With pleasure.” I give her a playful smile. “With immense bloody pleasure.” 

When I press my tongue to her clit, her back arches, her moans filling the silence of the early morning. Her nails dig into my scalp, the pain causing an ache to build low in my belly. What I wouldn’t give to slam into her, feel her pussy clench around my cock as I give her orgasm after orgasm. But we only have a few more days together. I need to make her feel every thrust, every nibble, every swirl in the hopes it will hold her over until we can finally be together all the time.

“How about now?” I glance up at her. “Am I real now?”

“Still not sure,” she exhales. 

“Then let me try to convince you.” I press my tongue back to her clit as I slip a finger inside her, stretching her before adding another. 

“Oh fuck,” she whimpers, her motions increasing. Within seconds, her muscles tighten, her nails digging into my scalp even harder.

“Don’t fight it, Esme,” I tell her as I finger fuck her with even more ferocity. “Let me feel you lose control.” I return to her. “Lose control with me.” I nibble on her clit, and that’s all it takes to push her over the edge. She screams out my name as her body writhes and shakes.

But I don’t stop my motions, savoring every last tremble, every last whimper, every last drop of her until she collapses against the mattress, her chest heaving through her labored breaths.

“Pretty sure you felt that,” I remark as I inch back up her body.

“Possibly.” She hooks an arm around my shoulder, urging me closer. “But I’m still not one-hundred percent certain you’re real. Perhaps you can prove it with something other than your fingers and mouth.”

“And what did you have in mind?” I waggle my brows.

“Allow me to show you.”

Before I can brace myself, Esme flips me onto my back, grinding her heat against my erection. I groan, closing my eyes as I lose myself in how she makes me feel, her body perfectly in tune with mine.

Until she climbs off me.

I dart my eyes open, furrowing my brow as she stands. Then she extends her hand to me in invitation.

“What are you doing?” 

A sly smile tugs at the corners of her mouth. “I told you. I’m showing you.”

More than intrigued, I place my hand in hers and stand. As I do, she reaches between our bodies, wrapping her fingers around my cock.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

I hiss out in pleasure, relishing in the feel of her slowly jerking me off. 

“It certainly feels real. At least in my hand.” She stands on her tiptoes, her breath warming my neck as her lips graze my skin. “But do you know what I learned?”

“What’s that?” I exhale, my breathing becoming more uneven with every second she slides her hand up and down my hard length.

“While people can feel and hear things in their sleep, there’s something they can’t do. Do you know what that is?”

“What’s that?” I swallow hard, trying to think of anything other than how badly I want to come right now. But I want this more. This delicious anticipation.

“Taste, Creed. Less than one percent of people can taste things in their sleep.” She brings her mouth toward mine. “Can I taste you? Make sure you are real?”

“Fuck yes,” I grunt through my clenched jaw, my heart racing at the thought of feeling Esme’s lips wrapped around me. 

“I was hoping you’d say that.” She captures my mouth in a full kiss, tongue teasing mine, a preview of what’s to come on other parts of my body. But it’s over as soon as it began.

She pulls back, eyes locked with mine as she lowers herself to her knees. My pulse increases as she licks her lips, bringing my erection up to her mouth, teasing my tip with her tongue.

I groan, that subtle contact driving me wild with need. I dig my fingers into her hair, my hold on her face firm and unwavering.

“Open wide for me.”

She wordlessly obeys my command, parting her lips for me. I ease my dick inside her mouth, then retreat before thrusting again, giving her a little more with each push.

“That’s it,” I encourage her, caressing her cheek as she keeps her wide eyes trained on mine. “Relax your jaw. I’ll never fit if you don’t.”

She follows my instructions, her eyes watering a little. But like the good girl she is, she greedily accepts more of me.

“So good,” I groan as her tongue slides along the side of my erection. “Your mouth feels so damn good.”
I increase my rhythm, and she meets me thrust for thrust. She grips my ass cheeks, her nails clawing at my skin shooting a ripple of pain through me. It makes me fuck her face even faster. And when she moves one of her hands to my balls, my muscles clench, that familiar sensation rolling through me.

“Fuck,” I roar, pulling my dick out of her mouth and yanking her to her feet.

“What is it? I thought—”

Before she can utter another syllable, I bend her over the bed and slam into her from behind, one hand gripping her hip as the other keeps her stomach pressed to the mattress.

“Do you feel me now, Esme?” I grunt through my motions. “Do you think this is fake? That it’s just a dream?”

“Creed,” she screams out, a mixture of pleasure and pain crawling on her face, her eyes squeezing shut as she attempts to control all the sensations rolling through her. 

But I can’t have that. I wrap her golden hair around my hand and yank her head up, forcing her to look into the mirror on the opposite wall.

“Look at me, Esme,” I growl. “Watch me fuck you.”

When she attempts to close her eyes again, I pull her hair harder, forcing her head back a little more. She snaps her eyes open.

I lean down, digging my teeth into the flesh on her neck.

“You like that, Esme? Like watching me fuck you hard like this?”

“God, yes.”

“Do you feel this? Feel how fucking hard I am for you? Because I certainly feel how greedy your cunt is for me.”

“I do, Creed. I feel so much.”

“Then let’s see if you feel this, too.”

I release her hair, pulling out for a moment.

When she glances back at me, I slide a finger through her juices. “God, this cunt is soaked.”

“It’s for you, Creed. My pussy is yours.”

I grin. “I like hearing that.” I continue teasing her clit, slipping a few fingers back inside her before dragging them up her backside. “How about this?” I tease her puckered bud. “Can this be mine, too?”

“Yes,” she whimpers, moving back against me as I work a finger inside her ass. “God, yes.” 

“That’s a good girl.” I bring my erection back up to her and ease back into her cunt.

She releases a noiseless gasp, her hands fisting the duvet, as if needing it to ground her from all the pleasure overtaking her. I go slow at first, allowing her to get used to the sensation. 

“More,” she moans after a few moments.

If my girl wants more, I’m more than happy to give it to her. So I drive into her faster, the sound of our bodies slapping together mixing with our heavy pants until I feel her clench around me once more, her cries of pleasure echoing in the room.

“Thank fuck,” I exhale, allowing myself to succumb to my own pleasure, both of us riding out the waves of our orgasm together.

Neither one of us moves for several long moments as we struggle to come down from this incredible feeling of bliss. Once I’m confident I can stand upright without losing my balance, I pull out of her, an animalistic part of me loving it when I see my cum drip down her leg. I loop an arm around her waist and help her upright, her legs wobbling slightly.

I pull her into my arms to help her maintain her balance, peppering kisses along her neck, able to make out the subtle marks on her skin from where I bit her.

“So, what’s the verdict?”

“Survey says Creed Lawson is damn good in the sack.”

I throw my head back and laugh. “I appreciate your vote of confidence, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Am I real?”

She drapes an arm over my shoulder as she hoists herself onto her toes, lips skimming mine. “Most definitely. But if I’m ever uncertain, feel free to prove it to me again.”

I pull her body flush with mine. “I’m more than happy to. Again. And again. And again.”

Thank you so much for reading this deleted scene from the Broken Crown Trilogy!

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Since the day I was born, my life’s been planned for me. When you’re heir apparent to the crown, you don’t have much choice about your future. I made my peace with that years ago.

Or so I thought.

Until I learn I may not have as long of a future as I originally believed.

So I do what most people do when forced to come to terms with their own mortality. I take a road trip.

I’m not sure what I hope to find along the way.

I certainly didn’t expect to find her.

I should walk away. We don’t just live in two different countries. We come from two different worlds. Not to mention, she doesn’t even know who I am.

Or, more appropriately, what I am.

But I can’t ignore this strange connection I feel toward her, as if I knew her in another life.

Until I realize I did know her in another life, one I hoped to leave in my past.

When she learns the truth of who I am and what I’ve done, will she be able to look beyond that and see the man beneath the crown? Or will I forever be punished for what I am?

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