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Redemption Duet Bonus Scene

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“Knock. Knock,” Molly sings. “Are you all decent? Or is there sausage flying in the wind?”

I set my bottle of beer on the coffee table, glancing at Noah sitting on the couch across from me. “That’s your wife.”

“That’s your sister,” he reminds me.

“And you both love me,” she says, opening the door a tiny crack and slipping in before closing it behind her. “Are you ready?”

I take one last sip from my beer, then stand to my full height, allowing my sister to adjust my tie.

“I’ve been ready for this all my life.”

“Let’s hope this one sticks.” She winks.

Some people would hate a reminder of what they once considered one of their biggest mistakes.

But I can never think that way about Carla. Even if we hadn’t mended bridges, I’d never regret a single second of my time with her, not when our marriage gave me my two daughters.

“I have a feeling it will. Plus, I have you to smack some sense into me whenever I fuck things up.”

“Damn straight.” She flashes me a grin before her expression softens. “I’m happy for you, Drew.” Hoisting herself onto her toes, she wraps her arms around me and kisses my cheek. “Now go make my best friend my sister.”


Noah brushes a soft kiss to Molly’s cheek, then we head out of the game room at the house on the Cape I ended up buying at the start of the year. With how busy I knew I’d be at my new coaching job, I wanted somewhere to go with my girls once the season was over, spend the summer months just focusing on being present with them before I needed to gear up for the next season.

It just worked out that this house came with a gorgeous view of the ocean, and is big enough to host my large family. As well as family I’ve accumulated over the years, too, like Carla, her husband, and son.

And now it can be where Brooklyn and I start the next chapter of our lives, too.

Noah and I continue down the paved path that eventually gives way to sand, stepping onto the beach, where all the important people in Brooklyn’s and my life wait. When our wedding coordinator tells us, Noah heads down the makeshift aisle to stand in front of a floral arch, and I follow a few seconds later.

I smile at everyone as I go, trying to push down the butterflies swimming in my stomach. I can’t remember being this anxious during a single hockey game, even championship matches. It proves that hockey never mattered as much as Brooklyn. And I can’t wait to finally call her my wife.

Once I reach Noah, I turn to look back down the aisle, watching as Molly makes her way toward us, Charlotte and Alyssa close behind, pulling little Enzo in a wagon behind them, our flower girls and ring bearer. Tears fill my eyes at the sight of them approaching in their white princess dresses. This will be one of the memories that stays with me forever, having my daughters by my side as I start this next chapter in my life.
In all our lives.

I bend down to hug both my girls when they approach, kissing their cheeks as Molly picks Enzo up from his wagon, kissing him before handing him off to Aunt Gigi.

Alyssa and Charlotte step onto the other side of Molly just as the music changes, everyone standing from the seats.

I turn to face the end of the aisle, my chest squeezing and tears forming in my eyes when I see Brooklyn in her wedding dress, a mass of dark hair falling down her back in loose waves, her father on her arm.

It’s a simple dress, the only detail in the lace overlay with a few well-placed sequins that sparkle in the sun.
I’ve seen her in a wedding dress before.

Hell, I once bought her the wedding dress of her dreams so she could marry a different man.
But seeing her today hits differently.

Because she’s wearing that dress for me.

“Brooklyn,” I exhale when she finally reaches me after what feels like an eternity. But no other words come. There aren’t any words in any language to tell her just how beautiful she is.

Just how damn much I love her.

“Take care of my girl,” her father says, pulling my attention away from Brooklyn.

I shake his hand. “Always, sir.”

He gives me a smile, then kisses Brooklyn’s cheek before placing her hand in mine.

“Hey,” she breathes. It’s so unassuming. So normal.

So Brooklyn.

“Hey,” I reply, a lone tear trickling down my cheek.

“I’m supposed to be the one crying.” She swipes away my tear.

“You just look so damn beautiful. I love you.”

A look of peace falls over her expression. “And I love you. So what do you say we get married?”

I chuckle. “I think that’s a brilliant idea.”

After I give our officiant a nod, he starts the ceremony. I barely hear a word he says, my sole focus on Brooklyn and how, in just a few minutes, she’ll be my wife.

“The couple has written their own vows, so I’d like to turn things over to them.” The officiant steps back, allowing us this opportunity to make promises to each other. A breeze wraps around us, the ocean waves crashing in the distance, but it's still peaceful.

I squeeze Brooklyn’s hands, staring deep into her brown eyes. She smiles at me with her full lips that are tinted a light pink.

“The first time I saw you, I knew there was something different about you. But I was only seven or eight and girls were gross.”

This elicits a chuckle from everyone, especially Charlotte says, “I thought you said that boys are the gross ones.”

“They are, Char,” I tell her. “And don’t you ever forget it.”

I bring my attention back to Brooklyn, running my thumb over her engagement ring.

“But one day, I realized girls weren’t gross anymore. And that I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister’s best friend. I convinced myself I didn’t deserve her. That she was too good for me. That someone as smart and motivated as her would never want to be with someone who spent all his free time getting his head knocked around on the ice.”

Another round of laughter sounds, Brooklyn joining in, despite the tears slowly streaming down her cheeks.

“I still don’t think I deserve you, Brooklyn. I still think you’re too good for me. That you shouldn’t want to be with me. But I am so damn glad you do. I swear to you, I will spend every day of the rest of my life proving that I am worthy of your love. I love you, Brooklyn Rose Tanner,” I choke out, swallowing back the emotions welling inside me at just how big this moment is for us. A moment decades in the making.

Brooklyn takes a moment to collect herself, drawing in a deep breath before returning her gaze to mine.
“The first time I saw you, I thought there was something different about you. But I thought boys were gross.” She steals a glance at Charlotte, giving her a wink. “Until one day, I realized they weren’t. Well, that’s not entirely true. I thought there were still plenty of gross boys. But you weren’t one of them. You became the boy whose name I scribbled in hearts in notebooks. Who I thought of whenever Molly made me take some of those stupid quizzes in teen magazines. Who I imagined giving all my firsts.”

I swallow hard at how close I was to having all those firsts, but circumstances prevented us from doing so. As much as I once wanted to blame her father for being so controlling and essentially forcing me out of Brooklyn’s life, I no longer do, not now that I have daughters of my own. He thought he was doing what he needed in order to protect his daughter.

Just like I’d do whatever I need in order to protect mine.

“I may not have been able to give you all of my firsts, but I can give you my lasts. So today, Andrew Joseph Brinks, I promise to give you all of my lasts. My last thought before falling asleep every night. My last smile before I leave for work. And the last man my heart will ever beat for. I love you. First. Last. Always.”

“Always,” I choke out, a boulder lodging in my throat at just how much I love this woman.

The officiant returns to us and we exchange rings.

“To make your relationship work will take love,” the officiant says once we’ve finished our vows. “Continue to date each other. Take time to show each other that your love and marriage grow stronger with every passing day. It will take dedication to learn and grow together. It will take loyalty to go forward without knowing exactly what the future brings. And it will take commitment to hold true to the journey you have both pledged today.

“Now, by the power vested in me, it is my honor to declare you married. Go forth and live each day to the fullest. You may seal these promises with a kiss.”

I don’t waste any time, gripping Brooklyn’s cheeks in my hands.

Then I kiss my wife.

Thank you so much for reading this bonus epilogue to Drew & Brooklyn's story!

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