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He's my brother's best friend. My first love. And for the next week, my new bodyguard.

Princess Esme of Belmont finally freed herself from the chains shackling her to royal life and has been living in Paris for the past several years. It’s what she wanted. What she fought for.

But there’s still something missing.

She refuses to admit what that something is, though, doing everything she can to put the past behind her.

Until she receives a phone call that forces her to return home. And to her old life.

Creed Lawson has spent the last several years doing exactly what’s expected of him. No more breaking the rules.

Until Esme walks back into his life, bringing all those feelings he fought to bury back to the surface.

They’re caught between duty and freedom. Responsibility and redemption. Legacy and love.

But this time, their love isn’t just forbidden…
It’s deadly.

Content Warning Arranged marriage Car accident Violence Forced pregnancy Murder Fire Gun violence

Praise for Fallen Knight

“Oh, the suspense....As expected this one had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the who, the what and when.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“How can this story just keep getting better?” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Fallen Knight gave me all the feels and left me in thrilling anticipation for the next book.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“The tension, connection, and chemistry between Esme and Creed had me hooked right away and wouldn't let me go.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

"This intense, crazy, hot, sexy story is a whirlwind of everything a good book has." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Read an Excerpt

“I want you.”

“But I can’t want you,” I tell her through the boulder in my throat, ridding myself of her touch, despite craving it more than I do my next breath. “As much as I wish I could, I just…” I hang my head. “I can’t.”

“What about last night?” She crosses her arms in front of her chest, the pain my words cause her visible in the subtle quiver of her chin. “Did you just knock on my door because you knew I was a sure thing? That I’d be easy?”

I bark out a laugh. “Nothing about you has ever been easy. Nothing about you ever will be easy.”

“So that’s it? You’re walking away because it won’t be easy?” Her voice grows louder with every word, the passion and determination in her expression making me want to sweep her into my arms. “I didn’t take you for someone to run when things got challenging.”

“They’re not just challenging, Esme!” I roar, my voice louder than I intended.

When she flinches, I squeeze my eyes shut and draw in a deep breath to calm myself, attempt to have a somewhat civilized conversation without everyone in this hotel finding out the truth.

“They’re not just challenging,” I say again, this time much softer. “They’re impossible.” I shake my head as I fight to get my thoughts in order. “Since you came back, I wanted to keep my distance. Fought to do so. Because I knew if I allowed myself to get close to you, I’d want more of you. I’d want all of you. And I. Can’t. Have. You.”

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