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Eight years ago, I agreed to marry the man of my dreams.
Eight years ago, I realized I’d also given a piece of my heart to his brother.
Eight years ago, I made the decision to walk away from both men.

What choice did I have? I couldn’t stay with Jesse knowing the flame I carried for Asher burned just as bright.

Maybe even brighter.

So I did the only thing I could. I walked away with no intention of seeing either man again.

Until I step into a bar in Vegas and see a much more mature, much sexier version of Asher York, a guitar strapped to him, his soulful voice reminding me of everything I’ve tried to forget. But there’s no forgetting Asher York.

And when he looks at me with the same raw hunger, there’s no denying the fire between us still burns.

Can I look past the reason I left all those years ago for one night with him?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let the games begin.

Content Warning Adoption Forced pregnancy Disappearance of a loved one

Praise for Mind Games

“Angsty story filled with lust, guilt and love”

“Intense chemistry, exciting passion, nerve-racing secrets!”

“Devouring Mind Games was the easy part but telling you why every second my mind was consumed by the story and these characters is challenging.”

“Left me wanting more.”

“T.K. Leigh has such a special talent with words creating exciting, intense, romance stories and as always I got more than I was hoping for.”

“A great slow burn with an amazing payoff.”


“Every time I saw him kiss you, all I could think was how I should have been the one doing that.”

I open my mouth, not wanting to bring Jessie into our bubble. That would cause it to burst, to implode into a fiery mess. He cuts me off before I can say anything.

“Every time I saw him place his hand on your leg and run his finger along your exposed flesh, all I could think about was how cavalier he was about it. How he should have appreciated you for the fucking gift you were.”
He loosens his hold on my face, one hand going to my nape, the other sliding down my frame. When he lifts the hem of my tank top and caresses the exposed flesh, a shiver runs through my body.

“And every time I said good night to you, only for you to go to bed, to his bed…” His nostrils flare, a tick in his jaw. “All I could think about was that it should have been my bed. My arms that held you. My body that worshipped yours.”

No words come. How can I respond? Tell him I always craved his company but assumed he’d never be interested in me, not when so many girls who were more mature and experienced than me sought him out? That every time I heard him perform a new song, a part of me wished he were singing about me?
That the real reason I ended things with Jessie was because I realized I’d also fallen in love with Asher?

“I don’t have the same competitive nature as my brother,” he continues when I don’t say anything. “I don’t need to prove I can be the best at everything I do. I never wanted to graduate at the top of my class. Be class president. Run the world. The only person I care about being better than is the person I am today.” He chuckles, a momentary break in the tension. “Although, after tonight, you could probably argue I haven’t exactly been a good person.”

My chest squeezes at the reminder of the position I put him in. I told myself I wouldn’t allow him to put his relationship with his brother at risk. But that was before I was cast under his spell again. Before I was reminded of why I’d allowed him to possess a piece of my heart. Before I had a taste of him after years of fantasizing. It’s left me desperate for more.

“I’ve never wanted something he had, never wanted to be him.” He returns his hands to my face, leaning toward me. “Until you.”

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