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“A mind bending, suspenseful romantic read!”
~ Kay Daniels Romance

I came to Hawaii to get answers about my sister’s death.

But that all changes when I meet her.

Beautiful. Charming. Haunted.

And the last thing I need in my life.

But that doesn’t mean I can stay away. So we make an agreement.

One week. No expectations. No falling in love.

It’s the perfect plan.

Until a shocking revelation shakes my foundation to its core, leaving me to question everything.

I knew this temptation was a disaster waiting to happen.
I didn’t realize it would be so devastating.

Content Warning Psychological & physical abuse, serial killer, Age Gap (older woman / younger man), Sexual Assault, Graphic violence, Kidnapping, Death, Domestic violence, Dubious consent scenarios (mentioned as part of past trauma), Mind control & manipulation, Obsessive behavior, Stalking, Suicide, Murder

Praise for Persuasion

“If you love romance, hot encounters, mystery and a touch of evil in your romantic thriller you are in for the ride of your life in the Temptation Series.” ~ Comfy Couch Book Reviews

“What did I just read? My heart is still pounding! This twisted tale of love and murder captures your attention and sucks you in for the duration.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer


“Holy hell in a handbasket! Another wild, mind blowing installment in this series! I LOVE when T.K. goes back to her romantic suspense roots! They're my absolute favorites of her books!” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Gripping and tantalizing, 5 stars are not enough! From page one, I was totally hooked by this immensely captivating, sexy romance/psychological thriller. The author flawlessly wrote this intricate story with lots of moving pieces that move in perfect sync. Julia and Lachlan’s story was the perfect blend of bittersweet steamy and passionate romance and suspenseful psychological thriller.” ~ Devilishly Dirty Book Blog

“A mind bending, suspenseful romantic read!” ~ Kay Daniels Romance

“I am in total awe of how T.K. Leigh has fit this entire plot together. Every piece slotted to fit at the exact right moment to completely blow my mind and shock me right out of my socks! Then...the steam, the tension, the chemistry between Lochlan and Julia is off the charts!! This series is totally amazing!!” ~ Kay Daniels Romance

“This is a great series that has it all. . . A love story, with all the feels, and a mystery that has the reader wanting more.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a well written story with combustible and undeniable chemistry, suspense, intrigue, secrets, revelations, twists, tension, turmoil, humor, mystery, and is a steamy addictive page turner.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer


“I haven’t swung a bat since high school.”

He tilted his head, crossing his arms over his chest, muscles straining against the sleeves of his t-shirt. It took everything I had to not reach out and touch them. A shiver of excitement rushed through me at the reminder that I was lucky enough to know what those muscles felt like. To fall asleep with those arms wrapped around me.

At least for another few days.

“You played?” Lachlan asked, forcing my gaze away from his biceps.

“Mainly to piss off my mother who didn’t consider softball to be a sport becoming of a proper Southern debutante.” I played up my accent.

“You just shot up a thousand spots on the hot scale. I mean, you were off the charts before, but now…” He sucked on his bottom lip, gaze raking over me in a way that made me feel like he was mentally undressing me.

“Why? Because of my accent?”

“No.” An arm going around my waist, he dragged my body against his. “Because you played softball. Second base?”

My brows furrowed. “How’d you know? Did Naomi—”

“Your height. Short people do great there. Quick toss to first. Not a bad distance over to third if making a double play. I can tell you one thing. You certainly wouldn’t be at first base, short stuff.” He playfully swatted my ass, dropping his hold. “Now, let’s see what you remember.” He extended the helmet toward me.

Feigning annoyance, I took it from him, smoothing my hair back as I put it on my head. It was a little big, but would serve its purpose. After testing out a few of the bats, I selected one that felt the best and made my way toward the plate.

“If I make a complete fool out of myself, don’t laugh. Please. It’s been twenty years since I’ve picked up a bat.”

“Interesting. The first time I picked up a bat was twenty years ago.”

I placed a hand on my hip, frowning. “Probably not the smartest thing to say to someone holding a bat.”

“Probably not.”

Smirking, he placed a helmet on his head, then walked to the pitching machine and ducked underneath the netting, turning it on, a whirring sound filling the night sky.

I dug my back foot into the dirt, bending my knees slightly as I brought the bat behind me, focused on the pitching machine.

“And, for the record,” Lachlan stated, “you look fucking hot holding that bat.”

“Apron and heels hot?” I shot back.

“Oh, I’m absolutely picturing you in the apron and heels. And the helmet and bat.”

I burst out laughing. “You are so twisted.”

“Just keeping it interesting for you, beautiful.”

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