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His princess. Her secret. Their forbidden love.

All my life, every decision has been made for me. What to say. How to dress. And now, who I'm to marry. When you're second in line to the throne, it's just how things are. I've always gone along with it.

Until now.

I may not have a say in who I marry, but I refuse to let someone dictate who I give my v-card to.

So I offer it to the only man I trust not to go to the paparazzi.

Creed Lawson.
Body of an Adonis.
Strength of a warrior.
And my brother's best friend.

It was only supposed to be one night. To the outside world, I'm supposed to be in love with someone else. And Creed's about to be sworn in as a member of the Royal Guard.

That doesn't stop us from fantasizing about what could be. About ignoring our duty and following our hearts.

But when the consequences of our secret tryst become much more dangerous than either of us originally bargained for, can I find the courage to fight for what I want? Or will I always remain a pawn in the palace's deadly game?

Content Warning Arranged marriage Car accident Violence Forced pregnancy Murder Fire

Praise for Royal Creed

“Creed is everything you want in a book boyfriend.. He's charming, respectful and a dirty talker.”

“Secret, lies, murder and sex fuel this divine story and you will definitely devour it, but it will leave you hungry for more.”

“Riveting from beginning to end, with plenty of steam, angst and mind-f***ery along the way.”

“Through the painful and the inspiring, Leigh delivers an experience that is timeless and unforgettable.”

“Hot blazing inferno, this book is perfection.”

“A princess and a royal guard romance? Yes please. Add in the V-card with an extremely seductive yet swoony dude? Double yes! Strong main characters with spicy scenes ending with a love so big they can defeat duty, obligation, and the crown? Heck yeah!"

“A captivating story of forbidden love.”

“Best forbidden bodyguard romance I've read to date!”

“TK is the master of writing stories with twists, turns and surprises that will leave you saying…wait, what just happened.”

“A love story for the ages.”

“This book was absolutely riveting. Forbidden love, arranged marriage, palace intrigue and machinations, and so much more.”

“Hide your keys, put on your comfy clothes, get into your favorite spot, get ready to stay up all day and night, and hold onto your socks! Royal Creed is quite possibly the best book T. K. Leigh has written to date!”

“Esme and Creed's story was all consuming and I devoured every word. The attraction, the slow burn and the effervescent happiness were palatable.”

“Oh wow! That took a twist I wasn't expecting!”

“Ms. Leigh has crafted a wonderful forbidden romance that tests the bounds of love versus responsibility. Strong characters , romance and spice, and a surprising bit of mystery tossed in make this a wonderful start to a trilogy.”

“Esme and Creed really give your heart a workout with a complex blend of emotion, tension, angst, heat, drama and twists.”


“I’m a virgin,” I blurt out.

“Umm…” He runs his fingers through his hair.

“And I don’t want to be anymore.” I keep my head held high, despite the nerves wracking me. “This is probably going to come off as a…strange request. You’ll think I’m crazy for even asking this of you. And maybe I am. But I was hoping you’d…” I wave my hand around, avoiding his stare. “Help me take care of that.”

“I’m sorry.” He coughs. “Are you asking me to…sleep with you?” His voice is barely louder than the gentle wind blowing through the stables.

“I know how it must sound.” I laugh under my breath. “Now that I hear it out loud, it sounds absurd. But the royal household is determined to announce an engagement by the end of the summer. For me,” I clarify.

“To Jameson Gates?” His jaw ticks as he clenches and unclenches his fists.

“How do you know?”

He shrugs. “I saw him roaming around. Thought it unusual, but now it makes sense.”

“I don’t get a say about much that goes on in my life. I’ve made my peace with that. I can try to resist all I want, but experience has taught me that if the royal household wants to announce an engagement by the end of the summer, that’s exactly what they’ll do. I don’t want to give them this, too,” I manage to say through the heaviness in my throat. “I want to be the one to decide who gets to be my first.”

“And you’re choosing me?”

I swallow hard. “I am.”

He stares at me for a protracted beat, rubbing the back of his neck. Then he expels a long breath, arm falling to his side.

“You’re my best mate’s little sister. And the Princess Royal.” He leans closer, his proximity causing a shiver to roll through me. “I’m to be royal guard in a few months. And not just one of the ceremonial guards on display in front of the palace for the tourists. But part of the elite protection squad. I could be assigned to your protection team.”

I erase the last remaining space between us and tilt my head back, meeting his eyes. “But you’re not yet.”

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