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Sometimes you have to sacrifice your Queen to protect the King.

When I met Anderson North, I fell in love with the man, not the title. With his heart, not the crown.

But as I step foot in the Nation of Belmont for the first time as the Crown Prince’s fiancée, I’m reminded of exactly who he is outside of the bubble we built around ourselves.

I’m reminded of exactly who I’ll need to become if I’m to survive this tangled web of antiquated rules, constant media attention, and negative publicity from a country that hates the idea of an American marrying their future king.

This may be a life of privilege and excess, but I soon learn that with notoriety comes jealousy. With fame comes enemies. With a crown comes a gilded cage.

I’ve always dreamed of finding my happily ever after. I didn’t realize ours would come at a price.

Content Warning Chronic Illness Car accident Death of a loved one Child loss Miscarriage Stillbirth Pregnancy

Praise for Tangled Games

“Romance lovers gold.” ~ Kindle Crack Book Reviews

“Oh my! I am speechless. Just let me wipe my tears.”

“This book is beyond amazing! I smiled, I cried, I yelled and I swooned with Anders and Nora!” ~ Panty Dropping Book Blog

“Five stars is just not enough to show just how truly amazing this story is!” ~ Words We Love By

“If you thought Royal Games was good, you have not seen anything yet.”

“Touching, emotional and heartbreaking.”

“Completely Captivating.”

“A modern day fairy tale with all the illusion stripped away to expose harsh real life struggles.”

“An absolutely epic finale to a beautifully written series.”

“One heck of an emotional rollercoaster.”

“I haven’t devoured a book like this in a long time.”

“An outstanding piece of writing.”

“If you’re looking for a royal romance this is one to read!”

“10 million swoony stars!”

“What an amazing end to the ride we took with these four sassy, spicy girls as they loved, lost, and stayed by each other’s side the whole ride.”

“T.K. is just a master at writing complex, emotion filled books that literally pull me right into the story.”

“I laughed, I teared up, I got frustrated, and super angry, and felt hopeless, then optimistic again, and finally lots of happy tears!”

“Unputdownable.”~ Kindle Crack Book Reviews

“Best princess story ever!”

“Hold onto your heart because this story will sure make it go through a roller coaster of emotions.”


“Is it possible to pull a muscle in your face? Because I’m pretty sure I have.”

“How so?” I ask, stealing a glance at her.

“From smiling all day for the cameras. If this is to become a regular thing, I may have to work face exercises into my workout routine.”

Chuckling, I grab her right hand, lifting it to my lips, brushing them against her finger where the engagement ring I got her sits, the family ring on the left. It meant a lot she insisted on still wearing my ring.

“I can think of a few ways to stretch those face muscles.” I mischievously waggle my brows.

“I bet you can.”

“We’ll start when we get home, if you’d like.”

“Is that right?” She pulls her hand from mine and shoots me a playful glare.

“You’re the one who said your face muscles could use a workout. I’m simply offering my services. Consider me your…personal trainer.”

Her lips pinch together into a tight line. “I wouldn’t want to burden you. Shouldn’t you check with your private secretary first to make sure you have room in your schedule for what I can only assume could be a rather time-consuming task?”

I dip my head toward her, my mouth a breath away from her neck. “I’ll make the time to feel your lips on my cock.” I linger there for a beat. I don’t even need to look at her to know her expression is flushed, her breaths coming quicker. Then I pull away, confirming my original suspicions. “I think two hours a day is a good start.” I lean back in the seat, extending my legs as far in front of me as possible and place my hands behind my head, the picture of relaxation. “Feel free to start now.”

“Such an opportunist.”

“Like I said, I’m simply offering to help.”

She curves toward me, trailing her fingers down the t-shirt I changed into, per Esme’s instructions to not wear a suit. As her hand approaches my belt, she stops. “Baby, you wouldn’t be able to last two minutes.”
I raise a brow. “Don’t think so?”

“I know so. If memory serves correctly, last time I sucked your dick, you went quick.”

I graze my lips against hers, a lightness in my chest at our easy banter and conversation. It reminds me of the people we were back in New York. Gives me hope we’ll still be those people, despite the uncertain road we’re about to embark on.

“What can I say? You give damn good head, gorgeous.”

She seals her mouth over mine, her tongue teasing, giving me a taste of exactly what she can do with that tongue on other parts of my body. “Likewise…” Pulling back, she smirks. “Gorgeous,” she adds, mimicking my accent to the best of her ability.

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