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Possession Duet #2

The right path isn't always the easiest...

Londyn Bennett entered my world like a hurricane. One I was grossly unprepared for. But in the short time we've known each other, she's opened my eyes to things I never expected. She taught me about acceptance. Compassion. Love.

Because of her, I've also been forced to learn about prejudice. Cruelty. Hate.

We may come from two different worlds, but the second we met, our hearts beat as one, nothing able to sever our connection.

Or so I thought.

When the bubble we've been living in bursts, will our love be strong enough to weather the gale-force winds threatening to upend everything? Or is hate too powerful to overcome?

A wise person once told me that the right path isn't always the easy one.
I didn't realize the right path could be so treacherous.

Content Warning: Abusive relationships Emotional Abuse Forced marriage Hate crimes Incarceration Involuntary pregnancy Abortion Physical abuse PTSD Racism Rape Mass shooting Self-harm Sexual assault Stalking Violence Death Teacher-student relationship Victim blaming White supremacy Murder


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