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It's not just his legacy at risk now. It's our lives...

After a decade of allowing his guilt to burden him, Creed Lawson is finally ready to move on from his past and only focus on his future. A future with Esme.

Until a ghost from his past shows up and makes him question everything he’s believed to be true.

Makes him question everyone he’s believed to be true

When a shocking revelation comes to light, he’ll not just have to risk his legacy in order to be with Esme.
He’ll have to risk his life.

Content Warning Car accident Violence Forced pregnancy Murder Fire Assault

Praise for Broken Crown

"T.K. Leigh shines with her suspenseful plots and twisted puzzles crafted in this story." ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Read an Excerpt

“How did they do it?” I muse, partly to myself, partly to Creed.


“Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay.”

“I’m not sure who—”

“The main characters from An Affair to Remember.”

“Ah.” Realization crosses his expression. “Of course.”

“How did they do it?” I ask again as emotion wells in my throat. “How did they make it six months? It’s only been twenty-four hours and I’m ready to lose my bloody mind here, Creed.”

“I know.” He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “I think they knew going into it that it wouldn’t be easy. That there would be days when it hurt so damn much they didn’t know how the hell they’d survive another day, let alone months.”

I swallow hard through the lump in my throat, his words describing exactly how I feel right now.
Then his expression softens. “But I also think they knew if they could just make it a few more months, they’d be free to be together without any sort of guilt or regret hanging over them. They’d both be in the right place to start their lives together.” He slowly inches closer, his lips tempting me with their proximity. “Then it would finally happen, and all the waiting and anguish and torment would be worth it.”

“What would happen?” I murmur breathlessly.

“The first kiss of the rest of their lives.”

I whimper, his breath dancing on my mouth, causing a rush of desire to trickle down my back.

“And because they waited, because they made sure to get rid of all obstacles facing them, they were free to enjoy that first kiss.”

I sense him shift away and reluctantly open my eyes, watching as he pushes himself to his feet. He extends his hand toward me, and I place mine in it, allowing him to pull me up. To my surprise, he yanks my body against his.

“I absolutely intend on enjoying the first kiss of the rest of our lives. And I’m not going to do anything that could jeopardize it.” He curves closer. “Even if I’m ready to lose all bloody control right now.” He releases me, bending down to sling his bag over his shoulder. “I know you’ll be worth it.” He gives me a sly wink. “You always are.”

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