Eight years ago, I agreed to marry the man of my dreams.
Eight years ago, I realized I’d also given a piece of my heart to his brother.
Eight years ago, I made the decision to walk away from both men.

What choice did I have? I couldn’t stay with Jessie knowing the flame I carried for Asher burned just as bright.

Maybe even brighter.

So I did the only thing I could. I walked away with no intention of seeing either man again.

Until I step into a bar in Vegas and see a much more mature, much sexier version of Asher York, a guitar strapped to him, his soulful voice reminding me of everything I’ve tried to forget.

But there’s no forgetting Asher York. And when he looks at me with the same raw hunger, there’s no denying the fire between us still burns.

Can I look past the reason I left all those years ago for one night with him?

There’s only one way to find out.

Let the games begin.

I never wanted something my brother had…
Until she walked into our lives.

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Praise for Mind Games

“An angsty story filled with lust, guilt and love.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Intense chemistry, exciting passion, nerve-racing secrets!” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Devouring Mind Games was the easy part but telling you why every second my mind was consumed by the story and these characters is challenging.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Left me wanting more.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“T.K. Leigh has such a special talent with words creating exciting, intense, romance stories and as always I got more than I was hoping for.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“A great slow burn with an amazing payoff.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer


“That was beautiful,” I say quietly.

Asher shoots to his feet and whirls around, his eyes wide as they search for me in the darkness. I step out of the shadows, a candle shining a flickering light against my face.

“Izzy, what are you—”

“Is that for Fallen Grace’s new album?”

He doesn’t move for several long moments, simply stares at me, torn. I keep my eyes glued to his, unwavering, silently pleading with him not to push me away.

“No,” he finally says, his voice low. “It’s one of mine.”

With a nod, I continue into the dark room. It’s warmer than the rest of the house, due to the lack of ventilation and windows.

“It sounds personal,” I remark, studying his expression for a reaction. But there isn’t one. His face stays placid, giving nothing away, peering at me with disinterest. “Is there a story behind the lyrics?”

That gets his attention, his stance becoming rigid, the vein in his neck making an appearance, as it often does when he’s at an extreme of one of his emotions. “You weren’t supposed to hear that. It’s still a work in progress.” His mouth forming into a tight line, he scoots past me. “I should go.”

I whirl around, my mouth agape. Why does he keep pushing me away? I try to understand it, try to rationalize it’s because of the sticky situation between his brother and me, but my relationship with Jessie didn’t stop us from being friends. In fact, it was because of my relationship with his brother we became such good friends. Why can’t we go back to that? I have a feeling I know the reason. I need to hear him finally admit it. To me. And to himself.

“Why don’t you want me?” I call out as he’s about to turn the corner and disappear into the hallway. My voice echoes, the desperation in my tone surrounding me. Mocking me. Exposing me.

He stills, stopping in his tracks. His fists clenched, he shakes his head as the battle wages within, pushing him to the breaking point. He wants to face me, but he doesn’t. He wants to respond, but is afraid of what his words will reveal. He wants to wrap me in his arms, but knows with every embrace, it will become more and more difficult to walk away.

“What is so wrong with me that you can’t even stomach the sight of me now?” I choke out, not holding anything back. Not anymore. “So what? We kissed. Like you said, it was just a kiss. It doesn’t—”

“Is that seriously what you think?” he growls, turning to face me in one swift move. My heart rate spikes, the hairs on my nape standing on end. “That it was just a kiss?”

My mouth grows dry as a jolt of adrenaline shoots through me. When he stalks toward me, I back up on instinct, the power in his gaze, in his stride, in his aura startling me.


He clutches my cheeks, stealing my protest. “Impossible, Izzy. F*cking impossible.”

“What is?” I try to look away from his stormy eyes, but I can’t, a force bigger than me keeping my stare locked on his.

“That it was just a kiss. It could never be just a kiss. Not with you.”

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