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Temptation Series #3

“Intense, with dramatic moments, and a jaw dropping ending.”
~ Goodreads Reviewer

One week. No names. No expectations.
That was our agreement.

We were supposed to walk away once our time in Hawaii was over.
No matter what.

But that was before I finally decided to take a risk and jump. And that’s precisely what being involved with Lachlan Hale is… A risk.

Between the complications that go along with dating a celebrity and the real possibility my ex-husband is still as obsessed with me as he’s always been, there are times I question whether it’s worth it.

Whether I’m selfishly putting Lachlan’s life at risk, too.

But like he promised… We’ll get through it. Together.

Until the bottom drops in a way I never could have anticipated.

Lines are drawn.
Loyalties are tested.
And I’m stuck in the middle, engaged in a fierce battle between my head and my heart.

There can only be one winner.

Content Warning Psychological & physical abuse, serial killer, Age Gap (older woman / younger man), Sexual Assault, Graphic violence, Kidnapping, Death, Domestic violence, Dubious consent scenarios (mentioned as part of past trauma), Mind control & manipulation, Obsessive behavior, Stalking, Suicide, Murder


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