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He was her addiction.

But she was the object of another man's obsession...

It was supposed to be a typical business trip to Hawaii.

During the day, I’d put the final touches on the new location of my bakery. At night, I’d relax on the lanai while sipping a glass of wine.

But that all changes when I meet him.

Sexy. Intriguing. Haunted.

And easily fifteen years younger than me.

I should walk away. The last thing I need after turning forty is a midlife crisis in the form of an Australian Adonis. But something keeps drawing me back to him. So I make a proposition.

One week. No names. No expectations.

It's the perfect plan… Until I learn the true identity of my vacation fling.

They say temptation can be dangerous.
I didn’t realize it could be so deadly.

Content Warning Psychological & physical abuse, serial killer, Age Gap (older woman / younger man), Sexual Assault, Graphic violence, Kidnapping, Death, Domestic violence, Dubious consent scenarios (mentioned as part of past trauma), Mind control & manipulation, Obsessive behavior, Stalking, Suicide, Murder

Praise for Temptation

“Temptation was a fantastic, steamy ride into the hidden desires of a forty-something, successful woman and a grieving younger man.” ~ Joy Avery Loves Books

“Fantastic, and flawlessly written, this reverse age gap mystery romance was a real page turner.” ~ Devilishly Dirty Book Blog

“Temptation by T.K. Leigh was suspense and desires in extremes. It was sinful. It was action packed. It was full of twists, secrets and mysterious turns. You will fall in love with the complex storyline and layered characters.” ~ PP’s Bookshelf

“You guys do not want to miss this book. But it might just make your kindle melt in your hands.” ~ Stephanie’s Book Reports

“Temptation had me hooked from the very first page! I devoured this book in a matter of hours.” ~ Book Addict Reviews

“This is a well written younger man / older woman story, which has complex characters, and is filled with passion, suspense, action, twists, secrets, mystery, and is an entertaining and steamy addictive page turner.” ~ BookBub Reviewer

“T.K. is absolutely my go to author when I want to read about mystery and intrigue. Throw in a hotter than sin younger man, and you have all the makings of a winning book!” ~ BookBub Reviewer

“This story right here is why I’m obsessed with T.K. Leigh’s writing! No one can write suspenseful steamy romance like she can!” ~ BookBub Reviewer


“It’s my fortieth birthday,” I declared after a while.

He turned his gaze to mine. Studying. Scrutinizing. Analyzing. Then he handed me the bottle. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks.” My lack of enthusiasm over the prospect of having completed another trip around the sun was obvious in the melancholy tone of my voice.

Why did forty sound so much older than thirty-nine? Maybe because your thirties were a decade typically marked with several big accomplishments. Most people in their thirties got married, started a family, bought their first home. Your forties were supposed to be the time you enjoyed all those things. I felt like I was starting over again. A daunting notion this late in the game.

“I’m guessing it’s a tough birthday?”

I thought a moment. “More…introspective than anything. You’ll know what I’m talking about in… What? Fifteen years or so? It makes you think. Makes you look back on your life and question everything. To be honest, I thought I’d have my shit together by this point.”

“But you don’t?”

I took another long sip of wine, wiping my mouth. “I don’t. Most days, I feel like I’m paddling upstream without an oar, as my meemaw always said.” I licked my lips, the alcohol emboldening me to delve into a deeper conversation than I’d expected to have tonight, particularly with him. “I think I’ve been suffering from a lifetime of someday I will syndrome.”

He furrowed his brow. “Someday I will syndrome?”

“Yeah. You’re young, so you probably haven’t suffered its effects yet. It’s when you keep saying someday I’ll do this. Someday I’ll do that. But then you blink and you’re forty, wondering where the last twenty years of your life went.”

I exhaled a breath, then quickly shook my head. “Don’t listen to me. I’m just rambling and feeling relaxed from all the wine I’ve had tonight. I’m not usually much of a drinker. Sorry that you have to deal with the ramifications.”

“I like listening to you. Watching your mouth move,” he crooned, voice low and almost sultry. “And it’s thirteen.”

On a hard swallow, I slowly faced him, my pulse kicking up again. “P-pardon?” I stammered, still focused on him saying he liked watching my mouth. There were so many different directions I could take with that, and I doubted any of them were above reproach.

He leaned toward me, eyes alight with amusement. “The age difference. You’re only thirteen years older than me.”

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